31 easy and beautiful crafts to give to dad on Father’s Day

Father ‘s Day is coming up! And many of us are already thinking about what we could give this year to that very special man. Some people choose to have a nice detail at home, such as surprising him with a breakfast made by the children, while others seek to have experiences together that help them create new memories, and of course, others give a purchased gift .

But if you are looking for a gift that, in addition to being original, has sentimental value, having children do something with their little hands is the ideal option. We share 31 beautiful and easy crafts to give to dad on this Father’s Day .


We start our list with a sweet detail: chocolates. But in I Heart Crafty Things they show us that with a little creativity, we can transform them into super chocolates for dad.

Photo frames

A nice idea that we can also customize with photos of the children, are the frames made with the popsicle sticks that we find in I Heart Crafty Things, which we can decorate with drawings made by the children.

personalized photo frame

Another fun idea to give a photo frame for dad is what we suggest at Practically Functional: add some letters that form something special, be it dad’s name, the name of his children or some nice short phrase.

unique painting

How about a unique and special work of art? In The Best Ideas for Kids we find a fun idea that the little ones can do and give something special. Check out more articles on our site.

dad painting

At Easy Peasy and Fun, we found this craft made from children’s handprints: a dad-inspired painting.

space painting

Another craft that we can make using the silhouette of children’s hands is the one we have seen in Buggy and Buddy , surrounded by galaxies and constellations with a loving message: I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

painting for dad

With the finger painting technique we can make a very nice and meaningful idea as a gift for Father’s Day: a painting of a heart surrounded by the imprints of children’s fingers, as they show us in Our Kid Things.

Dad’s painting

At Gololo and Toin we found this nice and easy idea to make a painting for dad, also using the finger painting technique.

custom mug

Another nice detail that we can give dad is a personalized mug. The idea that we found in Crafts by Amanda is a very nice one, since it is made with the imprints of children’s fingers.

musical coasters

If dad is a music lover, we can replicate the beautiful craft we saw in Craft Project Ideas: some vinyl coasters.

Medal for the best dad

For the best dad in the world, a medal. At Red Ted Art we find an easy and beautiful idea that children can do, and that also has a surprise detail inside that they will surely love.

dad award

In The House that Lars built we find a similar idea: a ribbon that rewards dad, and also includes a sweet detail inside.

trophy for dad

Another craft idea that we can give to the best dad is the trophy that we have seen at Meri Cherry, made on a black cardboard base and decorated with various materials, making it totally personalized.

crown for the king

Dad is the king of the house and therefore deserves to have his own special crown. At Red Ted Art we found this idea of ​​a craft to give away on Father’s Day.

Reasons I love dad

At Crafts by Ria we find a simple but very emotional craft: a list of reasons why we love dad.

Pencil holders

For dad’s desk, we can mimic this cute idea and make him a pencil holder. In Chica Circle, we find the step by step to do it.

custom utensil

If at home we have a dad who is a lover of cooking or roasts, we can give him some utensil personalized by the children, as they show us in Skip to my Lou.

Photo collage

At Crafts on Sea we found a very fun and special idea for the little ones: a photo collage with a phrase. We cut the letters and then we took pictures of the children with them, to finally make the collage.

lego puzzle

Another fun and original idea with photographs of children is to make puzzles with Legos or blocks, as they show us in A Joyful Riot.

pot of sweets

In Made to be a Momma we find a craft idea that is both fun and delicious: a pot decorated by the children, which we will then fill with sweets to give to dad.

A floral arrangement… of beer

Many dads like craft beers, so if ours is one of them, we can imitate the idea that we saw in Unoriginal Mom and give him a “floral” detail of beers.

bookmark for super dad

If dad is a lover of reading, a nice idea for an easy and beautiful craft is a bookmark or bookmark. In Baker Ross they suggest us to do it with a superhero theme.

Darth Vader Bookmark

Another fun idea for a reading dad is the fun Darth Vader bookmark we’ve seen on Red Ted Art.

origami card

At Hello Wonderful we found a simple idea for a nice Father’s Day card: making a shirt using the origami technique.

6 cards for dad

Finally, at Crafty Daily we found this nice video with six fun and easy card ideas that the little ones can make for dad , from creating them in the shape of a shirt or heart, to cards with a secret message or in the shape of a trophy.

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