Blue Banana: how to increase your daily sales by 150%

The winner for best marketing campaign for eCommerce in the last Ecommerce Awards was Blue Banana. It was with a very powerful campaign, around Easter, that had broken limits on Instagram, with a million and a half comments. In this week’s program we are going to deepen with Ángel Sánchez, Head of Digital of Blue Banana , in the results in terms of business that that campaign gave. They knew how to take advantage of the wave and not only achieve engagement or followers, but they captured thousands of registrations, increasing web traffic to more than double their daily sales, a 150% increase that day . So that later they say that social media campaigns do not move the needle in sales.

We will take the opportunity to learn more about how Blue Banana works with its digital marketing, how they have moved their positioning to an environmentally sustainable brand, their physical stores, their internationalization, conversion rate, attribution model. Check out more on our blog.

Blue Banana is undoubtedly committed to a strong content strategy, now we will see, but they are also cracks in sales-oriented advertising campaigns. To optimize this type of campaign it is critical to have well-worked product feeds and tools like Channable do magic in this regard when it comes to optimizing and allowing automation to launch your campaigns to more than 2,500 price comparison sites, Google Shopping, Google Ads generally affiliate networks .

Interview with Angel Sanchez

2:20 For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about Blue Banana’s company vision

Blue Banana was born in 2016 as a native digital brand created by two kids on a trip to Amsterdam, with the intention of creating something different from what already existed. Thus, they have always opted for the content of seeing a different way, that is, not seeing a company for its products, but for the way of living them and trying to make a little space in society.

In the end, our vision is focused on empowering the new generations, to live that new adventure that we usually mention so much in our brand.

6:70 To make us place composition, key data that you can share with us (team, annual turnover, conversion rate, what countries are you in)

Now we are about 45 people , although I don’t know how to give you the exact figure, and we have an average age of 27 years with a team mainly located in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although some are remote, especially in the digital team.

The annual turnover of last year closed at 7 with 8 million euros , being positive. About the conversion rate, I’m going to get tough and I’ll just say that there are some months in which we are above the average and others in which we are not, it is the most I can tell you. Likewise, it is something that changes a lot depending on the campaigns, how the client is, what we try or what we do.

Of the countries, we are in Spain and we are gradually going international. In fact, this week we launched a website in Portugal and we already had a presence in France and Germany, all from our own website.

9:10 In the Ecommerce Awards 2021 you won the award for the best marketing campaign for ecommerce, competing with two great Freshly Cosmetics and Platanomelón. Do you know their cases? Is there something you would keep from their business models?

I know them and I’m a follower because they do it very well, and seeing that they were competitors for the prize, I followed them even more closely. It caught my attention that in the end we are three companies that want to change the way of seeing things each in their own way, Freshly in terms of cosmetics and Platanomelón with respect to sexuality.

Regarding the business model, I really like what Freshly is doing on the web with the topics of affiliation, promotions, discounts, etc. And in the case of Platanomelón, more than the products they sell, I prefer the education they are doing and with which they are changing the paradigm about the taboo around sexuality.

11:10 Come on, tell me the ins and outs of this winning campaign, which really hit it off and has later served as an example for other ecommerce to imitateHow was he born? How much did it cost you? And what did you learn from having hit it so much on Instagram with that campaign? Business result, beyond “social” metrics?

In the end, this stems from the professionalization of the team. We had always handled the dynamics of Banana Santa, where we encouraged users to upload photos, create images, content and capture them. With this new campaign, what we wanted was to generate a climax that would give us what it really gave us: virality, followers and everything that translated to the web.

Based on the results of the contest and the vitality that we were achieving, everything ended with the launch of a second trip with the same conditions. With this we totally hit it and it gave us about 40,000 people in about 4 to 5 hours .

The good thing about the campaign is that with this action we not only gain in virality, but also in results. We earned a 150% increase in sales for that day and a 400% increase in web traffic. Even this increase we managed to lengthen, although it was diluted little by little. A learning from this campaign is that the moment is super important for this type of action. Find a time when no one else is doing it and users aren’t afraid to participate.

41:30 To finish, what are Blue Banana’s challenges for this 2022?

Well, we want to continue conquering the national market, promoting our growth here in Spain. But if we want to reach more countries in Europe internationally and see the option of entering the Latin American market. As for the stores, we plan to open in Seville and Bilbao by 2022, and looking for new cities for the future.

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