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Are you looking for a Freelancer for your website, a developer or a graphic designer? Fiverr is the world leader in freelancing.

Fiverr, a platform to find your next freelancer

A platform in the top 100 of the most popular sites in the United States

Fiverr is a publicly traded company founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. The company is worth, at the time of writing this article, approximately 811 million USD.

Its operating principle is simple and typical of a marketplace.

On the one hand the offer (of work) with freelancers who will register and offer their services. Freelancers come from all over the world and offer services ranging from website design, data analysis, social networks or illustration creation. The site is mainly English-speaking even if it exists in several languages. The profile of these service providers is very young since 98% of them are under 55 years old. Fiverr announces more than 830,000 sellers on its platform since launch, spread all over the planet. The sellers are simple individuals, but also often real agencies who have found in Fiverr a way to expand their customer base.

On the other side, demand (customers, like you), who come with a head full of projects and who are ready to invest a few euros or several thousand euros to see their idea come to life and materialize. Customers can be private individuals, associations or even multinationals. Fiverr claims more than 5.5 million buyers since the launch (therefore approximately 2 million active in 2018), distributed in more than 160 countries.

Various projects, mainly related to the new economy.

The projects that you will find on Fiverr are relatively varied even if they essentially revolve around the digital economy.

This can simply be to help increase the notoriety of a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Other much more elaborate projects can be found on Fiverr, such as the creation of a crawl to retrieve mass information on the internet.

In the past, the site was famous for offering discount logo design – starting at $5; but this was changed in 2013 and providers had plenty of time to ask for the right price for their services, as new categories appeared.

The categories you will find on the site are:

  • Graphics and design – creating logos, designing brochures, flyers and other promotional material, developing restaurant menu designs, editing Photoshop files, creating invitations, business cards, developing packaging design, book covers and albums. In short, think broadly in terms of design and graphic illustration, because you will be spoiled for choice on Fiverr in this area!
  • Digital marketing – the digital marketing category ranges from crowdfunding to email marketing, including setting up web analytics for your website, mobile advertising, finding additional visitors for your site, conducting surveys, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce marketing. In short, all the services essential to the success of digital projects these days.
  • Content writing –  Translations of course, but also writing professional emails and letters, writing product sheets, writing speeches, proofreading (always handy if your site is in English or German and that you want to be proofread by a native).
  • Video and animation –  Animation of 3D products, videos with a spokesperson if you are too shy for example to learn on a video, image retouching and effects, creation of short videos for social networks like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Music and sound – creating advertising jingles for a radio campaign, writing a song (no, you’re not dreaming),
  • Programming and technologies – create your e-commerce site, update your databases, create a wordpress blog and put it online, creation of chatbot to respond to your customers, development of Android or iOS application for smartphone, creation of a UX interface, design of a database, creation of Excel macros, QA tests before putting an IT project into production.
  • Business – Market studies, financial analyses, legal analyses, creation of a business plan document for entrepreneurs, job interview simulations with key feedback to prepare you, data entry, product research.
  • Lifestyle – A catch-all category ranging from astrology (!!) to help with genealogy or even relationship coaching, viral videos, relationship coaching
  • Gaming – This is a new category on Fiverr, very specific ranging from sound effects to 3D animation, to coaching for esports enthusiasts. E-sports has been growing in popularity around the world for the past few years and what was originally something amateurish has quickly become professional.

The big plus: a fixed price known in advance and a clearly defined service

As a general rule, hiring a freelancer  can put off more than one. The main reason is that the price to pay can be unclear at the start and subject to tough negotiation after a pitch. The majority of freelance transactions are also done off-line, where one-to-one negotiation is a must.

Fiverr disciplines  freelancers to define their service exactly so that the client knows exactly how much and for what service he will pay in the end. This also avoids contentious cases, especially since the exchange between the customer and the service provider is entirely virtual.

This marketing technique is known as Service as a product  , where each service, like a product on a supermarket shelf, will have a unique reference with its own characteristics. The product – or service – is called gig on Fiverr.

Each gig / service put online will therefore have:

  • A well-defined perimeter
  • A delivery date defined from the date of the order confirmation
  • A fixed price
  • Specifications specific to the nature of each service.

You can see this as Fiverr’s effort to standardize and define more precisely. The freelance thinks in pure transactional mode. The buyer must have the feeling of buying a perfectly defined product, more than a service whose contours are blurred. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog.

How does Fiverr get paid? What is its  business model ?

Once again, pricing is classic to the operation of a marketplace. To illustrate Fiverr’s pricing mechanism , consider the following example.

A seller is going to put a service worth 100 euros online. When placing an order for a gig , the buyer will pay a 5% fee, ie for the service at 100 euros, an additional 5 euros – therefore a total of 105 euros.

For services whose value is less than 40 euros, Fiverr takes a flat rate of 2 euros from the buyer, in addition to the displayed price of the service.

The seller then gets to work, as soon as he has received all the elements from the client to start working (project brief). During this time, Fiverr keeps the funds. Fourteen days after the end of the service, Fiverr will pay the seller for an amount of 80 euros.

So if we summarize, for a  gig  worth 100 euros, Fiverr will be remunerated by taking 5% from the end customer and 20% from the freelancer.

For information, the average basket on Fiverr is $145, so relatively moderate.

A plethora of services

As you can see from the screenshot taken on the Fiverr site , for each category of service, you will have direct access to the offers (‘ services ‘ or ‘ gigs ‘) put online directly by the freelance community .

A few tips for choosing the right  freelancer 

Each freelancer is responsible for doing their own marketing – but the platform is well thought out to give you as much information as possible about the sellers.

Customer reviews and comments are the most interesting and the first thing to read when you have to make your choice to choose your freelancer . How many services have been performed? What are the reviews? How long has the seller been registered on the platform? You must ask yourself all these questions to choose your  freelance service provider correctly.

Often salespeople take the time to introduce themselves and provide information about their company . Nothing prevents you from typing the name of the agency or service provider directly into your favorite search engine to learn more about your future  freelance potential. Many of the sellers are real agencies with a physical presence somewhere and employees, this is often the case for slightly larger projects, such as the creation of a mobile application for example.

Are they serious? What is their reputation? Have they published promotional videos of their agency on Youtube for example?

Remember that Fiverr acts as a trusted third party, which is always reassuring in the event of a dispute.

What happens once the service is delivered on Fiverr…

The  feedback system makes it possible not to influence each other

Once you have been delivered – often several drafts are contractually foreseen at the time of launching the order, for example 3 submissions for a logo to satisfy the customer, you will have to press the “Accept and view order” button for acceptance final.

You can accept the first draft, but if the  gig  offers 3 or 4 versions, nothing prevents you from requesting another iteration until you are satisfied.

As a buyer on Fiverr, you will be able to give the freelancer feedback up to 10 days after the project’s final delivery date. All you have to do is log in to Fiverr and find your order and let yourself be guided.

Interestingly, the  freelancer will not be able to see your comment immediately: he will also have to evaluate his collaboration with you before being able to see your feedback. This allows for a seller’s feedback that is not influenced by your initial feedback – positive or negative, and ensures some objectivity in reviews.

The comments on Fiverr are based on a star system, 5 stars corresponding to the maximum rating, therefore fully satisfied with the service, 1 star… in short, the quality is definitely not there and you have not was satisfied with the execution of the freelance service .

Questions to Ask Yourself to Evaluate Your  Fiverr Freelancer

Before giving your feedback, remember to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did the seller communicate with you clearly throughout the service on Fiverr, and in a reactive way?
  • Does the final result correspond to the initial offer ( gig ) initially provided by the freelancer? 
  • Would you recommend this service to someone else? A friend? Another department?

You can deactivate, in the case of videos, the possibility for the seller to add the service to his portfolio . Many providers like to show what they are capable of and use a portfolio , but you can specify that you do not want the work to be shared, for example for obvious reasons of project confidentiality.

The tip… we  tip !

If you are really satisfied with the work and want to give a few extra euros to the Freelancer on Fiverr (remember that for some, it allows them to live and support their families), you have the possibility on Fiverr, in addition the initial price of the service… to generously leave a tip.

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