Get the new Thermomix model in our Renewal Plan

Do you want to renew your Thermomix? If you have a TM31 or a TM5, you are interested in knowing how to buy up to a TM6 for much less than its original price thanks to the Cash Converters Renewal Plan.

Getting a more modern model of the famous kitchen robot is not always easy. And it is that, there are no offers or promotions to get hold of the different models of what is to be the best kitchen robot on the market. But don’t despair, because… Know more about fidget toys pop it.

We have great news for you! If you are convinced that you want to change your Thermomix for a better one , at Cash Converters we give you up to an extra 20% appraisal (only in physical stores) so that you can take another model. And you won’t have to wait long, in less than 48 hours we’ll give you a price for your Thermomix so you can take a Thermomix TM5 or a Thermomix TM6 with you.

How does the Thermomix Renewal Plan work?

The opportunity to renew your Thermomix and get a more modern model in a sustainable way is something you can always do at Cash Converters. But receiving up to 20% extra on the appraisal of your current Thermomix to buy a TM5 or TM6 is something that will only be available for a limited time. So hurry up. These are the steps you have to follow:

  • Receive an express appraisal for your Thermomix in less than 48 hours. You might be interested in trampoline.
  • Receive cash on the spot when you deliver your Thermomix in our stores with up to 20% extra
    Choose a superior second-hand Thermomix TM5 model or the second-hand Thermomix TM6 and take it home at the best price.
  • Easy, simple, smart and above all sustainable. But, which Thermomix model to choose? We have already talked about the different functions and features of both the Thermomix TM5 vs TM6 and the Thermomix TM31 vs TM5. But we leave you below a brief summary so that you know how much you can take for each one.

Renew your TM31 for the TM5

Between the Thermomix TM31 and the TM5, nothing more and nothing less than 10 years passed. So, it is to be expected that between these two models there are many differences. So that you know almost all of them, especially the most important ones, we have prepared a list for you. Learn more about slime.

  • The bucket is slightly larger (10% larger)
  • The Varoma and the ThermoServer are also slightly larger
  • They have a different layout (the TM5 has a touch screen and a dial while the TM31 has many buttons and a dial)
  • The TM5 can weigh while the machine is running, unlike the TM31
  • The TM5 uses electronic recipe chips that allow recipes to be accessed on the touch screen, leaving the bulky book aside
  • The TM5 has many more temperature, speed and weight options than the TM31
  • The butterfly, used in many recipes, has an improved design on the TM5
  • The lid of the Thermomix TM5 closes and opens automatically with a security system
  • You can use a Cook-Key with the TM5 and easily browse, sync and cook your favorite recipes (although at an additional cost).

Renew your TM31 for the TM6

If you have a TM31 and you have already seen the leap that a TM5 means, imagine going on to have a Thermomix TM6 in your kitchen. And it is that, although the TM6 is only two models superior to the TM31, it represents more than 15 years of research and development by Thermomix. So we cannot compare both models because they practically have nothing to do with each other.

But do you know that we can compare? The money you will save buying the TM6 if you trade in your current TM31. Because with the Cash Converters Renewal Plan you will receive up to an extra 20% of the original appraisal of your TM31 so that you can buy a TM6 with a two-year guarantee and the satisfaction of having made a sustainable purchase.

Renew your TM5 for the TM6

It may be that changing a Thermomix TM5 for a TM6 does not seem like much progress at first and because of its design, it seems that the two robots are very similar. But nothing is further from reality, since the five years that separate both models served to outline many of the functions of the previous model, and to bring out some new ones. And it is that if you have used the TM5 on a daily basis to cook until now, we can assure you that the TM6 is even more versatile. These are their main differences.

Thermomix TM5 Thermomix TM6
Accessories Butterfly, Basket, Varoma, Beaker, Spatula, Butterfly, Basket, Varoma, Bucket, Spatula, Anti-splash grid
Ability 2.2 Liters | Varoma 2.2 Liters 2.2 Liters | Varoma 2.2 Liters
Wifi Via Cook-Key accessory Integrated
Screen 4.4” 6.8”
weight accuracy 5 grams 1 gram
Mode Turn to the left, Turbo and Knead Left Turn, Turbo, Knead, Shred, Ferment, Kettle, Slow Cook, Sous-vide Cook, High-Temperature Cook, and Prewash.
Max temperature 120 degrees 160 degrees

Is it worth changing Thermomix?

Yes, yes and a hundred times yes. Why? Very simple, if you already have a Thermomix you will know how useful and versatile it is for cooking on a daily basis. And it is that not only do you have access to hundreds of recipes, which you can cook with the certainty that they will turn out great, but each new model has managed to do this better than the previous one. More functions, greater precision, more recipes and greater autonomy.

Also, the best thing about the Cash Converters Renewal Plan is that you won’t have to worry about your current Thermomix. You will receive up to an extra 20% appraisal for it and you will be offering it a second life, allowing another family to use it in their day to day life. So don’t miss the opportunity!

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