How sure are you that your car is safe? Know More

Today’s car thieves are significantly different from those who were active ten or fifteen years ago. The latest example shows how much time professional thieves need to steal a modern car …

The new car models are equipped with numerous electronic systems. Unfortunately, thieves also follow trends and follow the development of modern systems in cars. The latest example shows us how skilled they are today: Danny Talbot is now the former owner of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Last Thursday, he posted a video on his Facebook profile, in which we can see how thieves stole his car in just 23 seconds, without damaging the windows or the car lock. They used a device called the “Relay Attack Unit”, which serves to extend the signal emitted between the vehicle and the key. Unfortunately, Danny left the key near the front door of his home, which greatly facilitated this criminal action. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.

Two people and the same number of devices took part in the action. He was the first to pull the handle of the car, the car immediately emitted a signal and “searched” for the key, which at that moment was too far to open the door. However, the first device records the signal and transmits it to the second device, which transmits the car signal to the key. So the car “thinks” that the key is in range and unlocks the door and activates the car’s ignition system. They got in the car and drove away. Of course, later the car recognized that the key was out of range, but the system did not turn off the engine, so the thieves went to the desired destination without any problems. According to available information, Danny is still without his car. The thieves also managed to turn off the tracking device, so the application shows that the car is still in front of the house.

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