How to Save Money on Wedding Transportation | Bus Rental in Dubai

One of the biggest costs of planning a wedding, after the venue and the food, is transportation. The bride and groom, as well as all of their guests, need to get from point A to point B at the end of the night, and the cost of this can add up quickly depending on how many people you have in your wedding party and how many guests are coming in from out of town. Although hiring a limousine or renting multiple party buses can be quite expensive, there are also several affordable options available if you plan ahead and do some research.

5 tips to saving money on wedding transportation

How can I save money on wedding transportation? my favorite mode of transportation is that of a limousine which can haul the entire wedding party to the reception, but its costs a lot of money. In addition, you want your guests in style and comfort when they travel for your special day. Not only does choosing an affordable mode of transport for your guests mean more free cash in your pocket, it also means less stress for you. Saving money is no easy task when planning a wedding, but with these five tips from experts, it just got easier! Read ahead for all-things wedding travel![3]

find a well reviewed company

You will want to find a wedding limo bus Rental Dubai companies that has been reviewed by previous customers. A wedding transportation company with positive reviews from previous customers will most likely not disappoint you, especially if it is a reputable and well established one. To get an idea of how much your wedding limo service should cost, ask other brides about their experience with their venue’s transportation department and their costs. If you are having multiple cars for your guests and do not want them in small sedans or family-sized vans, then using limo buses may be your best bet. Finding good quality at a reasonable price can sometimes be tricky, so always ask around before you book anything so that you are not being overcharged or getting poor quality vehicles.

book your ride early

If you’re looking for wedding transportation, it pays to book early—particularly if you want a large vehicle. In most cases, larger vehicles like limos and party buses are in short supply—and they’re generally easier to fill up than smaller cars and SUVs. Booking early will ensure that you can get your desired vehicle at a reasonable price. If you wait until later in the process, prices will be higher because there aren’t many available options. Avoid booking far in advance unless there are no other alternatives (larger parties need more time). You don’t want your best price locked down too soon or prices may increase or decrease before your contract expires.

compare rates

There are a lot of things that affect pricing, such as what time you need your car for and how many people will be using it. Before making a deal with any provider, make sure you compare rates with several companies. This way, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair price. Be aware that companies offering cheap rates may skimp on other important factors, like quality or customer service.

use cash or cheque instead of credit card

Most of us are guilty of using our credit cards for a large purchase, and then paying it off in installments over time. While convenient, there is a substantial amount of interest that will be added to your bill that you have to pay after using credit card. As an alternative, consider using cash or cheque (with guaranteed funds) and create a budget plan for that expense rather than dipping into your credit card. As you make those payments each month you can use those funds for other expenses such as travel arrangements or hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests during wedding festivities. Additionally, give yourself some breathing room in case a vendor pushes back on payment deadlines as you still have control over how much money goes toward which expense.

add up time savings by using Bus Rental

If you’re booking a Buses for your destination wedding, look into rental options. Many bus companies offer discounted rates when you rent their vehicles for a period of days (or longer). By planning in advance, you’ll know how many Buses are available and how much you will pay. Keep in mind that if your guests have never ridden a bus before, they may be more wary than usual—and therefore might take longer to board than they normally would.

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