Meaning Of The Name Sharon, Origin Celebrities Personality and Numerology

Sharon is a particularly popular female name of Hebrew origin, in fact, more and more people decide to use this name for their daughters, even among the non-English speaking population. You too? Do you want to know the meaning of the name Sharon? At this article, we will explain the meaning of this name, origins, variations or diminutives, among others. We will also go over other important details, keep reading! Sharon is a girl’s name .

What does Sharon mean?

Sharon’s name in Hebrew literally means plain. However, the meaning of the name Sharon differs a bit when it is used as a name away from its religious or historical meaning, and could be translated as “fertile and beautiful woman”. Galeena name meaning, origin and personality by Baby Names.

Origin of the name Sharon

As we have told you, Sharon derives from the Hebrew “שָׁרוֹן”, “Šārôn” which could be translated as plain. In fact, the Bible makes reference to a fertile plain situated between the coast and the Samarian Hills known as “Sharon”. Although it is currently a very popular female name, it has been a very popular Israeli surname for generations . Likewise, it has also been used as a name for men, although it does not stand out as a unisex name today.

Diminutives and variations of the name Sharon

Some variations of the name Sharon in English are Sharona, Sharron and Sharyn , as for diminutives, the term “Shari” is often used .

The name Sharon in other languages

Sharon’s name does not exist in other languages, so it will always be Sharon .

Personality of the name Sharon

Sharon is a confident person and very open with others, even strangers. She is witty and affectionate, so she loves spending time with her friends, family and especially with the little ones in the home. People named Sharon tend to have big hearts, which is why they are especially generous.

Professionally, Sharon is a very detailed and constant person , which will guarantee professional success. However, she can sometimes lose sight of what surrounds her in order to achieve her goal. As for love, Sharon finds it difficult to surrender if she does not know the person in depth, preferring to make a decision only when she feels safe.

Celebrities named Sharon

The most popular celebrities with the name Sharon are:

  • Sharon Stone – American actress, model, and producer. She is known for her roles in Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Casino, although she has a long film career.
  • Sharon Osbourne – UK businesswoman, presenter, promoter and media personality. She is also known for being the wife of Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Sharon Tate : American actress, wife of Roman Polanski, murdered by “members of the Manson family” in Beverly Hills, California.
  • Sharon Fichman – Canadian professional tennis player.
  • Sharon Van Etten – Indie rock, folk, and folk rock singer-songwriter. She plays guitar, piano, percussion, omnichord, and harmonica.

Saint of Sharon’s Day

Shanon does not have onomastics or saints, so we can celebrate the festivity of her name on All Saints’ Day, that is, on November 1 .

Numerology Of The Name Sharon

According to numerology, Sharon’s lucky number is 3 .

Popularity of the first name Sharon

A total of 654 women called Sharon reside in Spain according to the National Institute of Statistics, with an average age of 31.5 years. They mostly reside in the following provinces:

  1. Alicante
  2. Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  3. Malaga
  4. the palms
  5. Guadalajara

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