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Did you know that the entire new Toyota Corolla range is exempt from road tax? In addition, you can already enjoy the Toyota Corolla Electric Hybrid 2022 with improved equipment and the “Plus” version. We tell you.

Toyota has just renewed the entire Corolla range with its 2021 versions, adding a GR Sport version in its Touring Sports family body, ensuring, by having all of them with hybrid mechanics, their  exemption from registration tax  thanks to their lower CO2 emissions at 120 g/km in all its versions. Know more about Kia ne shitje.

The sales success of the Corolla is indisputable as it is close to signing its third consecutive year as the  best-selling non-plug-in hybrid car in Spain .

The price adjustment that Toyota has made oscillates its offer  between €26,550 and €39,150  in the two body variants that are offered (5-door and Touring Sports).

As for  dimensions , they are maintained in all versions:

Toyota Corolla 2021 Length m Anchura m Height m Batalla m trunk liters
5 p

Touring Sports











The remodeled Toyota Corolla 2021 introduces the important novelty of incorporating a Tourin Sports GR version  that uses the  top engine of the 180 H range with 184 CV  (homologated with CO2 emissions of 119 g/km, with which it is possible not to pay the tax registration) and includes multiple differentiating elements as it is the first time that the brand has marketed a version with a “Gazoo Racing” image in a family body, such as:

  • black rear diffuser
  • Black door trims
  • logo with black background
  • GR Sport logo on some of these elements
  • new tires
  • Honeycomb Grill
  • Exclusive mixed upholstery with heated sports seats
  • perforated leather steering wheel

Registration tax exemption

To achieve exemption from registration tax on its entire Corolla range, Toyota has worked on  the family version in its most complete finish,  which had been recorded at 4.75% as Registration Tax (second section between 120 and 159 g/km of CO2), managing to leave it at 119 g/km, thanks to its intervention mainly on the rims that it mounts as standard.

Now,  the wheels become 17”  compared to the previous 18”, having also modified the optional offer that will now always be 17” or less for the same reason.

To alleviate the loss of its wonderful previous wheels, aesthetic interventions have been made in this version such as new chrome moldings in the lower area of ​​the doors, the tailgate and the trunk, although  maintaining the equipment  it had until now, such as:

  • Sport-type front seats with electric lumbar support (for the driver)
  • Autonomous Parking Assistant (S-IPA)
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices
  • JBL premium sound system with eight speakers
  • Multi-LED headlights
  • Boot lid with electric opening and hands-free function
  • Upholstered in fabric and leather
  • Toyota Safety Sense assistance systems:
    • rear cross traffic alert
    • high beam assistant
    • adaptive cruise control
    • blind spot detector
    • fatigue detection
    • automatic emergency braking

Breakdown of the new range and prices

All versions are equipped with a  non-plug-in hybrid mechanism,  with two motorization variants:

  • 125H  that combines a 1.8-liter petrol engine with an electric motor to reach 122 hp.
  • 180H  equipped with a 2.0 Dynamic Force petrol block that provides 180 hp combined with a 0-emission engine.

The 122 hp engine is offered in the 5-door body (hatchback) in “Active Tech” and “Style” finishes, while the 180 hp can also be selected in “Style”, in addition to the “GR Sport” and ” advance”.

Regarding the familiar, the 122 CV block is associated with the “Active Tech” and “Style”, the 180 CV engine is offered in the “Style”, “Trek”, “GR-Sports” and “Advance” .

A “ Business Plus ” finish has also been created , which is mainly intended for Fleets, and therefore does not offer price promotions.

Since the Toyota Corolla 2021 range is based on exclusively non-plug-in hybrid propellants,  it does not access the institutional aid of the MOVES II and III plans  that have been created only for plug-in and electric hybrids.

Toyota Corolla Electric Hybrid 2022

As of December 2021 , the new 2022 Toyota Corolla Electric Hybrid range has been put on sale, with improved equipment , new finishes and some new body colors (Iceberg Pearl White and Agate Grey).

The equipment has been unified by adding the so-called “Plus” finishes above the “Business”, “Style” and “GR Sport” finishes.

Another important novelty has been the incorporation of the new infotainment system , with the Toyota Smart Connect and Toyota Smart PRO systems , which include improved connectivity and a new navigation system.

The range is structured as follows , with highly differentiated prices as follows:

Maximum RRP DISC. minimum Maximum FINAL P
Corolla 5P 125H Business 26.550 € 26.550 €
Corolla 5P 125H Active Tech 27.050 € 5.400 € 21.600 €
Corolla 5P 125H Style 28.550 € 5.400 € 23.100 €
Corolla 5P 180H GR SPORT 32.150 € 5.400 € 26.700 €
Corolla 5P 180H Advance Luxury 36.300 € 5.400 € 30.850 €
Pack Style Plus 1.750 € 1.750 €
Pack GR-SPORT Plus 1.150 € 1.150 €
GO Navigation System 3.000 € 3.000 €
Toyota Touch 2 & GO Navigation System (available for Business and Active Tech) 850 € 850 €

Maximum RRP


DISC. minimum


Maximum FINAL P

Corolla TS 125H Business 28.150 € 28.150 €
Corolla TS 125H Active Tech 28.650 € 5.400 € 23.200 €
Corolla TS 125H Style 30.150 € 5.700 € 24.450 €
Corolla TS 180H Style 32.150 € 5.700 € 26.450 €
Corolla TS 180H GR-SPORT 33.750 € 5.450 € 28.300 €
Corolla TS 180H Advance Luxury  (17″ wheels) 37.900 € 5.450 € 32.450 €
Pack Style Plus 1.750 € 1.150 €
Pack Style Plus + Skyview®  (available for Style 180H) 3.000 € 3.000 €
Pack GR-SPORT Plus 1.500 € 1.500 €
Pack GR-SPORT Plus + Skyview® 3.000 € 3.000 €
Toyota Touch® 2 & GO Navigation System (available for Business and Active Tech) 850 € 850 €

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