Porcelain stoneware terrace slabs for your garden

Are you looking for an attractive patio slab, and are you wondering what you should pay special attention to? First of all, you should consider that a patio slab is exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. Therefore, a high-quality patio slab with a weather-resistant subfloor is essential. For this reason, we recommend our range of porcelain stoneware terrace slabs. Porcelain stoneware is known to withstand severe frost, extreme heat, and various heavy loadswithstands. The high-quality porcelain stoneware terrace slabs can also score points in design due to the advanced manufacturing processes. Hence, an industrially manufactured fine stone slab with a wood look, for example, looks deceptively real. Convince yourself and browse through our different categories of porcelain stoneware terrace slabs and give your garden a unique style that increases your well-being.

Information & suggestions that you should consider when choosing the slabs for your terrace

Building a cosy patio to relax outdoors is usually a decision with lasting implications for several decades. High-quality patio tiles of frost-proof and resilient quality ensure that the deck clad with them can shine for many years and requires minimal maintenance. The depth of the slabs also plays a significant role in durability, which is why our porcelain stoneware terrace slabs are 2 cm thick. It is also primarily a question of visual taste whether a 60×60 cm patio slab is used or whether it is more elongated. Terrace slabs with an aspect ratio of 1:2 are preferred. Regardless of the selected format, there is also a large selection of different variants concerning the surface design. In this way, the outdoor area around the house itself can enhance the building’s appearance from the outside. Check out more at our Blog.

Elegant terraces with a natural stone look

A  patio slab with an authentic natural stone look allows you to benefit from the uncomplicated processing of the material in a large format. Still, it offers the deceptively real impression of solid natural stone elements. In addition, such a terrace slab, manufactured and tested using modern processes, naturally also offers the usual advantages such as a  non-slip surface and a durable colour structure even under UV light and moisture. Terrace slabs with a natural stone look provide a timeless elegance that will inspire enthusiasm every time the area is used.

Tricky naturalness: the patio slab with a wood look

Choose Infinite Leiusre for our swimming pool tile suppliers in Dubai. Floor coverings made of naturally grained wood are also an option outdoors, although they are at the mercy of wind and weather, even with protective coatings. As an alternative,  terrace slabs with a wood look can be used, which are deceptively reproduced in colour from the respective types of wood. Like any other terrace slab, they are primarily weather-resistant and enable easy-care terrace design with an elegant wood look.

Porcelain stoneware terrace slabs: The advantages at a glance

A clear advantage of porcelain stoneware is the excellent design variety that results from this material. Some slabs resemble concrete, while others resemble wood or natural stone. Even different patterns in vintage or retro style are delicate. But an extraordinary and convincing advantage, which combines all techniques, is the extreme insensitivity to the most diverse weather constellations. Whether it’s minus 10 degrees in winter or plus 35 degrees in summer – the porcelain stoneware patio tiles can easily withstand these weather conditions.

For example, you don’t have to worry about wet leaves in autumn or a drink spilt at a barbecue because the outdoor tiles are dirt-repellent and very easy to clean. This is due to the complicated structure of the fine stone slabs. The format allows only a deficient water absorption level, so dirt cannot even penetrate the individual surfaces. This means that contamination can be removed without too much effort.

Since the slabs of the terraces are always outdoors, the thought of a risk of slipping could arise. You can safely ignore this concern with a patio slab made of fine stoneware because fine stone slabs are known for their robustness and slip resistance. Signs of wear, scratches and extreme temperatures ricochet off this robust material.

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