Obtaining housing sometimes comes down to little. A badly prepared file and the property flies away in favor of a more far-sighted candidate. It is therefore better to prepare your tenant’s file well to reassure your future landlord and be one step ahead of the competition.

What should the tenant file contain?

It is all the easier to prepare your rental file well as the rental companies all ask for more or less the same documents. A decree of November 5, 2015 also provides for a limiting list of documents that rental companies can require from their tenants: Know more about izdavanje stanova kotor.

– proof of identity with photo and valid signature: national identity card, passport or driving license for French applicants, identity card, passport or foreign driving license or residence permit for foreign applicants ;

– proof of address: 3 last rent receipts or certificate from the previous lessor, certificate of election of domicile, sworn statement from the host or last property tax notice;

– proof of professional activity: work contract or internship agreement or employer’s certificate, K bis extract for companies or D extract for craftsmen, INSEE identification certificate for the self-employed, professional card for liberals or any other document attesting to a professional activity, student card or school certificate for students or pupils;

– proof of resources: last tax notice, last 3 payslips, proof of internship allowances, last 2 balance sheets, proof of allowances, retirement, pensions, family or social benefits or allowances, certificate of simulation of housing assistance, scholarship award notice, title deed or property tax notice, proof of property income and other capital income.

Candidates for rental who present a surety must also provide the following documents for their sureties:

– proof of identity for natural persons or, for legal persons, a K bis extract and proof of identity of the representative;

– proof of address less than 3 months old: rent receipt, water, gas or electricity bill, insurance certificate or property tax notice;

– proof of professional activity (see above);

– proof of resources (see above).

On the other hand, certain documents do not have to be required from the lessor under penalty of a sanction of up to €15,000: proof of absence of credits, certificate from the previous lessor on the behavior of the tenant and the absence of unpaid bills , marriage contract or cohabitation certificate, bank account statement or even medical file.

Let us add that a lessor does not have to ask for any advance before signing the contract. Otherwise, it could well be a scam. Do not hesitate to find out about rental companies by consulting customer reviews, when they exist, or by asking neighbors.

In what form should I present my rental file?

Although there is no rule in the matter, it is preferable to present your rental file well to find favor in the eyes of the renter. Thus, even if it is not mandatory, it is advisable to prepare several copies of your file. On the one hand, this makes it possible to immediately have a second copy if a second property arises. On the other hand, some demanding rental companies ask for two copies of the file. Ideally, it is recommended to always have a file with the original documents and several copies prepared in advance. In this way, the lessor will be able to check the validity of the copies provided by consulting the original file. As for the rental candidate, he will always have a second file or, failing that, a file ready to be photocopied.

Well-presented documents, in cardboard folders, separated by dividers, will make a good impression on the lessor.

The little extras to beat the competition

As soon as the idea of ​​renting a property is born, you have to worry about finding one or more guarantors, without waiting for the lessor to require it. He must also be asked to prepare his file, at the same time as the rental candidate, in order to be able to provide the documents without delay and thus save a few precious days. Who can do more can do less. Do not skimp on supporting documents when they exist, and produce several proofs of income, for example pay slips and tax notices. Since the tenant’s file has been well prepared, it is wise to give it to the landlord at the end of the visit, to have a head start on the other candidates. Finally, candidates who have certain advantages for a rental company must point this out: absence of animals, non-smokers, are all assets to win.

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