The best 9-seater vans

Both for use on family vacations and for professional transport of people, these vans represent an interesting alternative to be able to mobilize up to 9 people in a very comfortable way thanks to their important dimensions that exceed 5 meters in length in many cases.

These vehicles, which compete in the segment of non-commercial vans or “minivans” , almost considered minibuses , have large access doors , reclining ergonomic seats and an excellent modular distribution of their spaces , all with the aim of providing good experiences of mobility. Know more about BMW seri 2 ne shitje.

Their aesthetics are generally very straight angles and they have interior configurations that even allow internal tables to be deployed , some even electric ones already being present on the market.

Next, we show you the best alternatives for vans with 9 seats that exist on the market, and remember to take out your  MAPFRE Car Insurance  to benefit from its coverage whenever you need it. We inform you without any commitment of all the policies that we put at your fingertips.

Citroën Space Tourer

Developed jointly by Toyota and the former PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroën), with a rounded, innovative and modern design, and an elegant appearance on its front, with access to 9 seats in all its configurations, and with a panoramic roof of two bodies with automatic adjustment.

It includes a very well-equipped dashboard with very intuitive and accessible controls, as well as being very maneuverable when driving, and it is offered with a low-consumption diesel engine and also 100% electric.

Its price is accessible and is around €34,500 ( € 29,000 with discounts and promotions ).

Panoramic glass roof

· Environmental friendly

· Good value for money

Improvable seat fabrics

Reduced storage spaces

Ford Tourneo Custom

It is one of the best options available in terms of value for money , around €32,000 with discounts and promotions, and with ample space for both passengers and storage .

Its level of consumption is very low (average 7 litres/100 km) and it is friendly to the environment, constituting a high-end vehicle with individual seats that can be turned and folded for maximum comfort. It also has a good infotainment and communication system .

· Infotainment and communication system

individual seats

· Good value for money

· Improvable finishes

Not very attractive design

Mercedes Vito Tourer

A “ Premium ” vehicle designed with a height of only 1.8 meters to be able to access closed car parks, with great equipment , including the “Mercedes ME” function for connection to the digital world and with extensive driving aid systems that give it great safety and with the electric version.

Very well equipped for infotainment with its 6” touch screen , although it is somewhat expensive for its content and technology , in addition to the plus of its brand.

Easy to maneuver

compact design

High digital equipment

Small trunk

· High price


Opel Zafira Life

Available in three different sizes, from the intermediate it has the possibility of a 9-seater configuration, although it does not hide its origins as a commercial vehicle, it has a well-achieved comfort that allows it to be an interesting rival in this sub-segment, since in addition to It is one of the largest with ergonomic and folding seats and possible individual air conditioning.

Its seats are relocatable to be able to face a folding table and it has a 7” screen with 3D navigation and good technology in general , all with a current price close to €30,000.

swivel seats

· 3D maps of all Europe

· 7-inch screen

· Improvable finishes

· High price


Opel Vivaro Combi

It is one of the most elegant models due to its exterior design with first class finishes, outstanding versatility and distribution of space and adjustable seats with more than 6 possible positions.

Noteworthy is its power (94 hp) , coming from its 1.6 CDTi diesel engine with low consumption (4.5 liters / 100 km) and good performance, all with remarkable driving comfort and good communication and infotainment equipment. .

Important value for money, with a current sale price of approximately €36,600 , which is not bad at all with everything it offers.

· Good value for money

Very intuitive controls

Power of 97 hp

Reduced load capacity

A panoramic roof is not possible

· Non-removable fixed seats

Peugeot Expert Combi

It is the most outstanding in terms of practicality and maneuverability in driving, with its rear obstacle detector, exceptional visibility and a size very suitable for parking in small spaces.

It has an interesting speed control , a good instrument panel , a modern overall design and full of the details of the French brand. The problem is that their seats are not individual .

It offers 3 size editions, the most correct in this comparison being the “long” one, which has a current price of around €36,000.

Good maneuverability

Seat comfort

Very intuitive controls

Does not offer individual seats and does not include hand rests

Somewhat improvable power

Peugeot Traveler

It is a less economic option that starts at €40,147 in its basic version and which can be equipped with 9 seats for an extra €480 .

It stands out for its current implementation among hotels and travel agencies for transfers, as well as being an excellent alternative for executive transport (seats with 180º rotation and tray-type tables). With its more than 5 meters long and 2 meters high , comfort is assured, it also has a huge 1,384-liter trunk and a large electric panoramic roof .

Tray tables in the rear

Advanced space distribution

· 180º rotating seats

Doors with automatic opening

· Panoramic ceiling

· High price

· Improvable power

Unintuitive controls

Hard-to-remove seats

Renault Trafic Passenger Combi

It is also an alternative of great comfort , with sliding and optionally electric side doors, large sliding windows, a sober but elegant interior design , 8” central screen with navigation, being the longest of this list of 9 seats with its 5.5 meters and a not so large trunk of 550 liters capacity, although with a very high storage capacity.

Its 1.6 cc diesel engine with 90 hp drives it with ease, with a superlative cabin with integral connection and a dashboard with very detailed information , all with an entry price of around €36,000 (€28,000 with all the discounts and promotions) currently.

Driving assistance systems

Economic price

parking sensors

Somewhat better seats

Non-automatic doors

· High price

Toyota Proace Verso

It has seats as standard in its three size configurations and was designed in conjunction with the PSA group.

It has a compact design that facilitates its maneuverability, parking cameras and extensive security systems , also offering a “Camper” version with all the comforts for this type of activity.

It is offered at a somewhat high price ( approximately €41,000 and €34,500 with discounts and promotions ), although it is worth it for the quality of all its components and an engine with interesting power.

Offers a “Camper” edition

High quality components

robust exterior

High price but according to your offer

Improved fuel consumption

Few storage compartments

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

They highlight its elegant seats finished in leather that have a fatigue detection system that ensures your comfort, and a 5-inch touch screen that incorporates entertainment, connectivity and fun on the go.

The rear seats can be easily removed to provide more luggage space, although fewer seats.

Its approximate price, already with discounts, is €30,000 , not being the most competitive, although the quality of the model is guaranteed.

· Luxurious upholstery

· 5” touch screen

· Fatigue detection system

· High price according to quality

Design in the absence of renovation

Without panoramic roof

Volkswagen Caravans Wohnm

One of the most relevant qualities of this type of vehicle is versatility , this model being ideal for camping with a spacious interior that can fit up to 3 mattresses or sleeping bags, and can incorporate a room in its expandable roof .

The comfort of its wide and completely reclining seats is also unquestionable , although with quite high prices and highly variable depending on its configuration and content.

Very spacious interior

Very versatile design

very comfortable seats

· High price

The doors are not automatic

Improved engine power

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