The best accessories for Thermomix that you cannot miss

Did you know that you can add extra functionalities to your food processor? We present the best accessories for Thermomix with which you can make even more recipes in your day to day.

If the Thermomix stands out for something, it is for being one of the kitchen robots with the most functions on the market. Because apart from turning, kneading, grinding, fermenting, boiling, cooking, roasting, vacuum cooking and washing automatically, you can do many more things if you add a few accessories. With everything and with these, the thermomix comes to replace many of the appliances we have at home but, what if it could still replace our kettle and juicer? Know more about fidget toys pack.

This is precisely what we are going to talk about next, presenting you some of the best accessories for the Thermomix with which you can get even more out of the food processor. Most of them compatible with the T31, TM5 and TM6 models (if you want to know what differentiates each model, we made a Thermomix TM5 vs TM6 where we analyzed it).

But… Where can I buy the old and current models for the Thermomix? In the official store you can only buy the latest model at a very high price, although if you want to buy it much cheaper pay attention. At Cash Converters you can buy both the second-hand Thermomix TM5 and the Thermomix TM6, both with great discounts and a two-year warranty.

1. Simsafix® Steam Juicer

Although it may sound crazy, the Thermomix is ​​not just a kitchen robot. And it is that we must remember that we can also use it to cook without being guided by the recipes. What would you think if we told you that you can juice steamed fruits with it? Also without even having to remove the skin, seeds and stems as in other juicers. Amazing! Well, this is possible with one of the best accessories for the Thermomix, the Simsafix, which works like a steam juicer. You might be interested in heat blanket.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Thermomix TM6, TM5, TM31 and Friend.
  • It can also be used for fermenting yogurt, melting chocolate, making steamed cakes or pastries, or making soaps and candles.
  • Capacity of 1 liter sufficient for the juice of 2 kg of fruit. Learn more about warm baby blanket.
  • Facilitates the removal of the container with the Thermomix spatula
  • The juice is heated and pasteurized in the Simsafix throughout the cooking process.
  • The juice remains in the Thermomix until it is removed without risk of overflow
  • Has a handy pouring rim so it doesn’t drip
  • It is made of high quality plastic, dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 120°C, without BPA
  • It is of regional and sustainable production (Made in Germany)

2. WunderWash® Dishwasher Blade Holder

Have you ever been afraid of having to clean the rotating blades of the Thermomix and cut yourself? Or you have simply become lazy because of its strange shape… Be that as it may, we know one of the best accessories for the Thermomix for this type of problem. We are talking about the WunderWash, a disc that will allow us to put the blade of our Thermomix in the dishwasher. And it is because of its shape, it seems that the blade is not made to be put in the dishwasher (it does not fit in the cutlery baskets and is too small for the plate rack). And yes, being stainless steel the blade can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Thermomix TM31, TM5 and TM6
  • The blade is much cleaner in the dishwasher than by hand
  • It will have a fixed place and a safe stand in the dishwasher
  • Fits almost all current dishwasher models

3. Tea filter/strainer for Thermomix

There are many ways to enjoy tea, whether hot, warm or even iced, for yourself or for the whole family, we don’t always have kettles, strainers and ice picks to enjoy it as we would like. But with the Thermomix Tea Filter/Strainer this is over. As its name suggests, this accessory for the Thermomix allows us to prepare between 1 and 2.2 liters of tea in one go. You will only have to use the time and temperature settings in combination with gentle stirring to get the most flavor out of any natural tea.

Main features:

  • Specially designed for the Thermomix TM5 and TM6
  • Thanks to temperature control and continuous agitation, all aromas, flavors and fragrances are better released.
  • With the Thermomix the tea will stay hot or you can easily reheat it.
  • You can make from 1 to 2.2 liters in one go
  • It is made of stainless steel

4. Juicer for the Thermomix

Crushing or steaming fruit is not the only way to make juice with your food processor. Because if you are one of the people who likes to enjoy a good orange juice, we have one of the best Thermomix accessories for you. We are talking about the juicer, an accessory with which you can make juice up to 70% faster and with half the pulp.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Thermomix TM5 and TM6
  • You can choose to squeeze the juice with or without fruit pulp in a simple way
  • Thanks to the high speed and the powerful motor you will be able to squeeze all the juice in a matter of seconds.
  • It is completely safe and easy to use
  • You’ll be able to squeeze everything from limes to grapefruit.
  • Safe: The Thermomix’s conventional locking mechanism also secures the juicer against interference.
  • You can make up to 2 liters of juice at once
  • It is very easy to clean, either under the tap or in the dishwasher.
  • It is made of 100% food-safe polypropylene.

5. Silicone baking tray for Varoma

Turn your favorite food processor into a griddle to make all kinds of steaks with another of the best Thermomix accessories, but how is this possible? Well very easy! Simply put the silicone baking tray on the Varoma insert base or you can even put it in the oven up to 200°C.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Thermomix TM31, TM5 and TM6
  • Delivers amazing cooking results for fish, cakes or omelettes
  • It is totally environmentally friendly, saving you from cutting baking paper
  • Its design is absolutely leak-proof
  • Heat resistant up to 200 °C (also in the oven)
  • Has a non-stick effect that prevents food from burning or sticking
  • It is very easy to clean thanks to its manufacturing materials
  • Made of silicone, resistant to tears and free of BPA and harmful fabric softeners

6. Silicone lid for the cup

The last and perhaps the most useful in the list of the best accessories for the Thermomix is ​​perhaps the simplest. We refer to a silicone lid with which to perfectly seal our container glass. Forget about aluminum foil or cling film, the silicone lid will allow you to keep your food completely fresh and aromatic for longer. In addition, another of the great advantages of this lid is the ease of transporting food and the little space it occupies, being able to easily put our glass in the fridge.

Main features:

  • Compatible with Thermomix TM31, TM5 and TM6
  • It is made of silicone and is 100% safe for your health.
  • Cup lid fits securely
  • You can put it in the dishwasher after use to clean it

What do you think of our selection of the best accessories for Thermomix? If you want one or the one you already had has been lost or broken, you can find them at Cash Converters. Discover a multitude of 100% original spare parts and spare parts at an incredible price: glasses, Goblet, Butterfly, Glass Basket, Spatula, Carrying bag, Complete Varoma, Varoma Container, Varoma Tray, Varoma Lid, Lid Gasket silicone, Bowl Lid Gasket, Blade Gasket, Blade Set or Bowl Base.

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