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Legend consultancy was founded more than 50 years ago with the idea of becoming the leading manufacturing consultant for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across the globe. Today, we have grown far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are dedicated to serving our clients, whether they are big corporations or small enterprises. As the premier consulting firm in Turkey, we are well-acquainted with the country’s wide range of vendors and suppliers. Legend consultancy has connections to the most reputable manufacturers, granting us access to resources of the highest quality. The businesses that put their trust in us deserve nothing but the best.
Growing rapidly since its establishment, Dalgakiran Kompresor was founded on an area of 25 m2 in Karakoy, Istanbul in 1965. As the greatest manufacturer and importer of industrial compressors in Turkey, the company today continues to perform production in Istanbul Sancaktepe with three plants having a closed area of 27.000 m2 in total and being integrated to each other with the new investments made. Maintaining its customer satisfaction oriented works in the globalising market with its dynamic staff, Dalgakiran Kompresor serves at Turkish Industry around the country with its own domestic organization and distribution network.
equipment Profil: As Detamy Makine, we established our own internet site in 2016 in order to transfer more information to our valued customers with the knowledge and experience we have gained since 1999 in the hardware sector. We have been tasked with delivering the best quality products at the most reasonable prices to ourselves. We are working with you to become your industry pioneer and personal supplier with thousands of products and many brands in 6 main categories consisting of hand tools, hobby materials, garden products, industrial equipment, consumables, business security. We aim to be the leader in our field by continuously improving and updating our customers' needs and needs. In addition to being an authorized dealer of distinguished brands such as Bosch, Skil, Dremel, Izeltas, Karbosan, Henkel, we aim to grow the hardware sector in our online stores with our own import and production Astor, Sappower and Luster Lighting brands. Thank you for being this common partner.
Quality ISMO DYNAMICS LTD. is an innovative company that produces high-value industrial products targeting the advanced technology. Company Our company evolved towards the needs of the sector with its expert team having fifteen years of experience in the industry of CNC gives the production, sales, and after sales service for industrial Pin Marking, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting and Welding Technology, Robotics Applications and milling applications based on the motion control at home and abroad. Our Mission Our mission is to offer high quality technological smart systems and products for the fast growing and developing World Economy to address the world market with its own brand on the basis of continuous production. Our Vision Our main goal is to understand our customers and their needs, and deliver high quality solutions above their expectations and estimations.
We are as a EMEKTAR MAKINA have more than 60 years experience in Turkey for providing manufacturing solutions to Turkish Industry. Since 1956 until today, offering metal cutting, machining, sheet metal processing and welding solutions in various sectors as automotive, mould making, aviation, medical and defense industry, with our experienced staff. The world of machine tools is globalized. We need to establish strong alliance to survive the hardship. We became one of the leading companies by unifying our powers, knowledge and experience with producing and importer companies. As long as we’ve known our selves, EMEKTAR MAKINA is a company that provides not only manufacturing solutions to customers but also gives confident, instils hope, and empowers its customers. EMEKTAR MAKINA proud to serve its customers with large product portfolio with unique service concept enhanced with sales and service activities. Due to daily routine and intense business life, many of investors have restricted means to follow advanced technology. The company aims to provide the state-of-the-art technology to its clients and support them with installation, commissioning and after-sales services.
YEKTAMAK Machine and Engineering establishing in 2013 has been rendering service to meet the special requirements of many sectors, notably automotive sector, in safe of our founding partners having academic background and almost 35 years experienced competent engineer and production staff by implementing tens of project since the establishment, although it is a young company in terms of its establishment date. YEKTAMAK has been implementing projects in required quality standards with attention in all processes from determining of customers’ requirement to delivery of project, such as design, endurance calculation, computer aided simulations, production, quality control and test. Until today YEKTAMAK has put many special projects into service, such as various special machine and system solutions, automatic control systems, conveyor and transportation systems, versatile production fixtures, various cranes and lifting systems. Our aim as YEKTAMAK is to let our customers to reach an advantageous position against their rivals in national and international market by basing on the principle “Focus on R&D and Innovation” in our services and meeting the increasing requirements of our customers with the developing technology.
Our company ,which has been serving since 2010 at Metal Processing and Machinery sector, merged with PLASARF PLASMA & LASER CONSUMABLES / CANADA Company in 2018, PLASARF PLASMA&LASER Inc. has started to produce PLASARF ® brand products with its high technology machine park and superior engineering knowledge in a 2.400 m2 closed area. Today, PLASARF® is the most preferred brand in the sector due to its high quality and economic products offered to manufacturers and users of Plasma and Laser Cutting Machines. PLASARF® manufactures the whole plasma consumables and the copper nozzle group of Laser Consumables in its own facilities. In the Laser Optics and Ceramics, PLASARF® works as a partner with the leading companies of the world and performs quality control and test applications in the processes in Canadian plants. Laser Consumables are manufactured in compliance with PRECITEC, HIGHYAG, MITSUBISHI, TRUMPF and RAYTOOLS brand machines.
We are excited by the enthusiasm and desire to serve the changing technology world as Filo Compressor! With the best products and services we provide to our business partners; We produce high quality compressor and air dryer, leaving remarkable impression in every company we work with. As our primary responsibility to our business partners, partners and the world; We work by calculating the finest details so that each product we produce can be efficient and durable. We stand by every business partner who buys products or services from Filo compressors and air dryers in every condition Our pre-sales and after-sales technical services with all our resources and solutions tailored to your needs; We plan to serve above our business partners / partners' expectations. Every day we remind ourselves why we do this job and our purpose of existence. We have a great respect and admiration for our business, our labor and our business partners. We believe honesty, loyalty and growing with our customers in business world.
Koclu Pres Makine was officially established in 2007 with more than 20 years of labor and experience. In our company, eccentric press and hydraulic press machines are manufactured in many tonnage. Our solution-oriented perspective aims at perfect productions with manufacturer knowledge and experience. As Koclu Pres Makine we produce C type, D type eccentric press machine from 35 tons to 300 tons, H type eccentric press machine from 35 tons to 500 tons and C type, H type and column hydraulic press machines in the same tonnage.